Monday, July 12, 2010

Grilled Goodness

While we like to use our grill year-round, it's summertime and the perfect time to get out and fire it up.  I'm obviously not a photographer (though it is on my list of "to do's"), so it doesn't look as good as it could, but above are some of the grilled veggies and chicken that we had yesterday for dinner.  It's easy, fast, and wonderfully delish.  
Just a spray-down of olive oil, a good sprinkling of salt/pepper, and whatever you prefer for your chicken (here it was a dashing of Montreal chicken seasoning and lemon pepper), and there are your scrumptious grillings, ready for a prodigious amount of gobbling.

So I am encouraging you to get out and grill.  It's fun and easy to experiment with grilling, so come up with some good stuff and post your results (or let me know and I'll post them :-))!

Happy Grilling!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jello Pudding Salad

Here's the recipe for the jello salad I used at the reunion. I've been getting a lot of delicious recipes from Jonna was in my home ward for a time. I just copied & pasted this right from her blog:

This jello pudding recipe, is quick, easy & delicious. The thing I like about this recipe, is you can use any flavor of jello & use any fruit you like. I’ve used raspberry jello with frozen raspberries & huckleberries in this picture. It’s really good with orange jello, pineapple chunks & mandarin oranges as well. I also like to sprinkle the top with nuts, before serving. Use your imagination!

1 Small package of Raspberry jello
1 Small pkg. vanilla pudding (not instant)
2 1/2 c. water
9 ounce Cool Whip
2 cups frozen raspberries, optional
1 cup huckleberries, optional

(Use any flavor jello & fruit you like)
Orange jello with mandarin oranges is very good
Bring to boil jello, pudding, and water. Cool completely, then fold in Cool Whip. Add fruit, then refrigerate for at least 1 hour.